Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why We Lose Faith

I think my greatest fear is accidentally pushing someone away from Christianity. Our actions are seen and felt by others, and sometimes we inadvertently make other people feel unloved or ashamed or any number of things we didn't intend. These words and/or actions have a profound effect on those around us and especially on those closest to us.

Lately, I have heard of and witnessed Christians losing their faith. It is the one thing I can not allow. When I talk to them about it, they don't really understand what happened, but they do feel unloved or outcast by the Christians that were suppose to help them and care for them.

It is difficult to know what you are doing wrong when you aren't intending to do harm to anyone. I don't think we are bad Christians for accidentally hurting someone, but we do need to be better Christians by loving others every chance we get. Fighting to KEEP someone close to God is just as important as fighting to BRING someone close to God.

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Barbara said...

sometimes trying too hard hurts more than not trying enough