Tuesday, October 14, 2008

When We Suffer

Here are six questions to ask ourselves when we suffer, and what to do if the answer is yes.

Q. Am I being punished by God for sin?
A. Confess known sin.

Q. Is Satan attacking me as I try to survive as a Christian?
A. Call on God for strength.

Q. Am I being prepared for a special service, learning to be compassionate to those who suffer?
A. Resist self-pity. Ask God to open up doors of opportunity and help you discover other who suffer as you do.

Q. Am I selected for testing, like Job?
A. Accept help from the body of believers. Trust God to work his purpose through you.

Q. Is my suffering a result of natural consequences for which I am not directly responsible?
A. Recognize that in a sinful world, both good and evil people will suffer. But the good person has a promise from God that his or her suffering will one day come to an end.

Q. Is my suffering due to some unkown reason?
A. Don't draw inward from the pain. Proclaim your faith in God, know that he cares, and wait patiently for his aid.

* Information quoted from the Life Application Study Bible, New International Version.

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Adam Flora said...

Suffering is something you will always have to deal with, and never necessarily know how do deal with. You just have to always trust there is something more behind it. And if you think there isn't, know that one day it will end... it always ends...

Always know there is someone there in times of suffering John... ; )